About 4PET Holding

The 4PET Group is unique in offering products manufactured by the three main conversion processes : Recycling, extrusion and thermoforming. Each technology producing different product characteristics that are suitable for specific packaging applications. It is structured along market and technological lines into 4 divisions :

  • 4PET Recycling:
    Recycling PET P.C.W into flakes and granules;
    Recycling of PET industrial scraps;
    Trading of PET raw materials;
  • 4PET Extrusions:
    Extrusion of film for the thermoforming industry:
    – SNELCORE mainly rPET monofilms;
    – Folietechniek PET as ABA, HIPS and PLA
    Thermoforming of PET Gardening trays;

This structure gives 4PET a high degree of flexibility to deal with all types – and types of sizes of businesses.
A long time experience in the recycling and packaging-industry , and a high degree of knowledge and expertise, enables the company to offer comprehensive services and solutions.

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