POLYMARK launched

POLYMARK, an ambitious EU-funded research project has been launched; it aims to increase the availability of recycled PET from used bottle to new bottle and to contribute to the EU’s circular economy.

POLYMARK  is an EU-funded collaborative project under the Seventh Framework Programed   (FP7) scheme. The Consortium consists of PETCORE Europe, EFBW, the European Federation of Bottled Waters,  PRE,  Plastic Recyclers in Europe,  EPRO,  the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery,  4PET Holding  /  4PET Recycling BV, and Closed Loop Recycling Ltd.

The Research and Technology Developers are ColorMatrix, Fraunhofer Institut IPMS, Pera Technology Ltd (UK Health & Environment Research Institute) and S+S (Sesotec).

For more info, please visit Polymark’s website :  http://www.polymark.org