Cookie policy for 4PET Holding B.V.

At 4PET Holding, we appreciate your visit to our website. We would like the visit to be a good experience for you, and therefore we use technology to track information about how you and others use this site.

4PET Holding’s use of cookies may cause us to process personal information about you, and therefore we recommend that you also read our privacy policy.

By using the Website, you consent to 4PET Holding using cookies as described below, unless you have disabled cookies in your browser. We do not place any cookies until you continue from our home page.

If you at any time do not wish to continue accepting the use of cookies, you need to disable cookies by changing the settings in your browser. However, please be aware that this may lead to services and functions being unavailable for you, as they require cookies to work properly.

You can read more about deleting cookies in section 6 below.

1. What is “a cookie”?

Cookies are files placed on your computer, smartphone or other electronic equipment. Cookies contain information about your computer/IP address and are used for collecting information about the pages you visit and the functions you use.

When you visit the Website, you will automatically receive cookies. Some of these are placed by us, while others are placed by third parties.

2. Why does 4PET Holding use cookies?

4PET Holding uses cookies to optimize your experience when visiting our website, and to generate anonymous statistical information about the use of our Website.

3. Third party cookies

It is not only 4PET Holding placing cookies on your devices, when you visit the Website. Statistical information is collected through the use of Google Analytics.

4. Temporary and permanent cookies

There are two types of cookies – “temporary” and “permanent”. Temporary cookies are connected to the specific visit to the Website and are automatically deleted when closing the browser. Permanent cookies, on the other hand, will be stored on your equipment for a specified amount of time, but will be renewed at every visit to the Website.

5. How to delete cookies

How to delete cookies depends on the operating system and browser you are using. Please see the links below for further information.


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Flash cookies


6. Which cookies are used and for what purpose

In the table below, you can see which cookies we use on the Website and which purposes they are used for:

Cookie name



How long does the cookie remain on your equipment


4PET Holding

This cookie is used to manage navigation on the site.

The cookie is deleted when leaving 4PET Holding.


Google Analytics


1 day


Google Analytics

Collection of information for statistical purposes.

2 years


Google Analytics

Used for defining tacking objects for statistics.

1 minute