PLASTIC  is flexible, light, hygienic safe and offers excellent possibilities and effectiveness for cost.  It has many advantages for modern packaging, not only as regards to storage and transport, but also in terms of cheapness and eco-sustainability.

PET is fast processing as an indispensable product for the food – and packaging industry. PET has the advantage of being fully recyclable. It also has good mechanical and optical properties.

rPET is becoming the most popular choice for many packaging users, and recognized as such by leading foodservices, retail and FMCG brands. It is the most environmentally responsible packaging material on the market.  rPET products ( and industrial scraps ) can go back into the recycling system for reprocessing.

The primary advantage of using recycled PET is a significant reduction of the carbon footprint and packaging waste going to landfill.

It is the goal and ambition of 4PET to encourage the collection and recycling of PET packaging and thereby save valuable reserves of raw material, a cycle which makes sense in terms of economy and ecology.

To show our customers and suppliers that sustainability and environment are important issues for us, we have at all our production locations implemented the environmental management system ISO 14001

We are proud to announce our global operations have achieved carbon negativity.

This is based on an extensive audit that identified our 2011 global carbon emission sources and calculated its total carbon footprint. The scope of the study focused on facility-level emissions within organizational boundaries as specified by ISO 14064-1 and included electricity and fossil fuel usage, related CO2 output at all our facilities, as well as the effects of these sites’ waste management programs and fuel consumption for our auto fleet and air travel.